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Michael Tillman of Lakewood Guitar Studio performs for Carroll/Stiesbeg wedding.

I was honored to play for the Carroll/Stiesberg wedding yesterday at the Wildwood Inn in Denton. I had not been acquainted prior with the Wildwood, it’s a beautiful little setting tucked back off of Lillian Miller. The ceremony was outside, … Continue reading

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Thank you from the Selwyn School.

If you are in Denton, you are probably familiar with the fire out at the Selwyn School some seven weeks ago. I participated in a book fair at Barnes and Noble geared towards raising money/awareness in the community to help, … Continue reading

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Life and times.

This being my first blogpost about music, I need to first thank two people very sincerely for all their work on my website and my forum. Daniel Scott, one of my best friends, and also my webhost, did a tremendous … Continue reading

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