Restructured with some new direction! Test

Greetings everyone! We’re heading in to 2019 and it was time to change my direction a bit.

I’m still on Patreon, but I’m going to use that to benefit my recording projects.

My recording projects are based on licensing well known songs – either songs that are already guitar centric or chart top songs and turnng them into guitar centric versions and then offering them for MP3 purchase on this site.  The first 4 songs I’m recording for sale are:

Ariana Grand: Thank U Next
The National: The Rains of Castamere (Game of Thrones)
Cat Stevens: The Wind
The Beatles: Blackbird

Again, please bear in mind that I’m turning these into guitar centric versions – think of when Chet Atkins used to turn movie themes and pop songs into instrumental guitar pieces and you’re on the right track.

One other new approach is more directly integrating my social media accounts – primarily Youtube, Twitter, Instragram, and Tumblr, along with this website. I’ll be using Instragram to create a timeline of lessons and information for students to have access to to get refreshers on details from class. I’ll record these on Instragram but post them as a running timeline on this website.

To find my various Social Media:
Twitter: @Motivique
Instagram: Motivique
Tumblr: Motivique

And that’s what’s changed here. I hope everyone is having a good end to 2018 – may 2019 be the year you want it to be!

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