Surprise, we still exist. :)

I have definitely not disappeared, but being a new home-owner has kept us busy – it is finally settling down to where we can enjoy it, but the first couple months was quite a change.

Something I’ve never really addressed is an RSS feed url – if you would like to add this website to your feed or feed organizer, please add:¬†

Also, of late I have been working on a Patreon page. Granted, the initial impetus is guitar lessons. However, it also affords a couple other things – via Patreon, you will receive recordings from me on a regular basis. If you are here, there must be something yo like about my music, so that doesn‘t seem too presumptuous. In addition, a group goal of the Patreon is to afford donating instruments to area youth organizations, and if we develop enough support, eventually founding a college scholarship for music education. This is in the future, of course, but it doesn’t take that much too accomplish, if people participate.

The Patreon already exists, but it will be launched more publicly on July 1. Please message me if you would like more details. If you are interested in supporting my efforts to bring music, instruments, and music education to others, please read here:

The page is up, but I haven’t been public about a launch as of yet.

Love to all of you today!

Michael and the studio at Motivique.

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