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This was a really fun video to make, because I don’t usually have a call to play these songs. There’s a lot of stuff that didn’t go on this one I’ll have to save for next time – I try to keep these videos to 10 clips. Michael Myer’s theme gets amped up with some metal distortion, Harry Potter is a classical duet, Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Wizards and Warriors were two of my favorite games as a kid. That Wizards and Warrios music is actually old silent film music – The Villains Theme, that has been used and reused countless times.

Of course you can’t escape The Addams and the Munsters – that bassline on the Munsters is amazing. It’s surf rock, but I never realized how much I liked it until I played it, because the original audio has the bass so low in the mix. Audrey’s Theme is one of the most memorable things about Twin Peaks. The first time I heard People Are Strange was on The Lost Boys, which was the first “horror” film I liked (Viva La Frog Brothers!). And, of course, you just have to have The Ghostbusters. :) Cheers everyone!

#Halloween songs in video:
01 Halloween Theme; Michael Myers Theme; John Carpenter
02 #HarryPotter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; #JohnWilliams
03 #GhostsnGoblins; Level Start; Hal and Wood (Harumi Fujita and Ayoko Mori)
04 Ghosts ‘n Goblins; Stage 01 Theme; Hal and Wood (Harumi Fujita and Ayoko Mori)
05 The Villain’s Theme (Mysterioso Pizzicato); Anonymous; Wizards and Warriors
06 The Addams Family Theme; Vic Mizzy
07 This is Halloween; The Nightmare Before Christmas; Danny Elfman
08 #TwinPeaks; Audrey’s Dance; Angelo Badalamenti
09 The Munsters Theme; Jack Marshall
10 People are Strange; Lost Boys; The Doors
11 #Ghostbusters Theme; Ray Parker Jr.

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