Lakewood Guitar Studio to become Motivique Studio

Changes are definitely coming. Lakewood Guitar Studio will become Motivique Studio. It may not be as pastoral a name, but it’s on the other hand, it’s French! We are already stretching it to think of Mockingbird and 75 as Lakewood.
So why Motovique? The primary word here is “motive”, which is a musical term some of you know. You may also know it as “motif” from French. Motivique in French means “related to a motif.” Unsurprisingly, Motive and Motif Studios both exist.
A motif, in music, is the smallest musical idea that can be considered complete. You may have picked up on this from the way I teach, but I try to get you as the musician to be aware of as many possible “motivic” ideas as possible, so that you can incorporate them in your own playing, or will have a logical way to break down music when you are learning repertoire by others.
Other changes: I’ve wanted to remove “guitar” from the business name for a while. I have begun teaching voice, and the students have responded positively. Of course, I also teach bass in addition to guitar, and I have begun helping people learn to self-accompany on piano (though I don’t consider myself a piano instructor – this is specifically for voice students.)
Also, the big change: As the year progress, I will begin offering recording services. I have already done this for some students, but I ultimately want to offer this to the general public. We will install a soundbooth, and also fit out the studio room (because we will actually have a studio room now) for a larger room sound.
So, a name change is beneficial. I am proud to be moving towards offering other services, and to have had such a supportive and engaged studio of students these past 5 (Five!) years.
Love to all of you today.
– Michael Tillman
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