02 01 2014 – At the Kessler Theater with Strunz and Farah.

Last night I performed at the Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff Texas. I was the opener for Strunz and Farah, the famous guitar duo. Joining them last night were Katisse on flute and Majeed Ghorbanian on percussion. It was a pretty magical evening – I confess to being a bit nervous to play in front of people I’ve listened to for such a long time. The audience responded so mightily that it was hard to stay nervous for long. Mostly new faces, there were some friends there, but I met a lot of people last night – and of course the gracious and well spoken duo themselves. Maestro Farah studied architecture and civil engineering in school – having studied architecture myself it was nice to find some common ground. They mentioned having had about 3 hours sleep because of travel, but even as fatigued as they must have been, they played a fantastic show.

Many thanks to Jeffery Liles and the Kessler Theater for having me last night, it was a wonderful evening and I met a lot of new fans. What a great way to start 2014!

at the kessler 2014 02 02

marquee for the show

me and ardeshir farah

soundcheck - strunz, farah, katisse, ghorbanian

from the balcony 2014 02 02

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