Life and times.

This being my first blogpost about music, I need to first thank two people very sincerely for all their work on my website and my forum. Daniel Scott, one of my best friends, and also my webhost, did a tremendous job in converting this website from a static piece of code to a database with a more dynamic feel (not to mention ability to update.) Bree Lee, my forum master, helped Daniel to get the forum back to it’s prior working state after a recent crash. These pages wouldn’t be here without their efforts, and I’m deeply grateful.

On to 2012.

As I sit here, I’ve just come from a hard drive recovery session. A computer got a certain black, caffeinated substance spilled on it, and I needed help accessing the drive. Fortunately no data was lost. In addition, I found out that everything should be set for graduation from TWU this semester.

Today is a good day.

It’s a good day to organize (and record) and practice (and record) and look to the future (and record, and maybe eat a piece of pizza.)

It’s also a good day to look back and learn something from the past. What I have learned is that hardest part about being in the arts is consistency.

You can choose to do anything, but you have to stick with it, and consistently move forward – better your ability, increase your knowledge, add to your output.

I’ve always had a problem with consistent output because I blame noise. Roommates, neighbors, the train (oh that train…) I blame noise for my inability to create. But everything can be overcome – musicians do it everyday. So my problem hasn’t truly been noise, my problem has been lack of an aggressive enough attitude to accomplish my goals.

But not this year. This is the year I stop waiting for things to be perfect. I’m going to record, come bell or running water.

These first two videos of the year seem so simple, and yet getting everything to a state where I could even do them took time. The Bach prelude – itt’s not the hardest piece. Certainly not compared to other Bach pieces. However, to get a (again) consistent tone, to stop the bass notes (again) consistently, the difficulty presents itself. But then, that’s true for any piece. Desafinado has some improvisatory elements, but to know before hand that every aspect of the recording is going to be (again) consistent is very difficult.

The two videos are here if you have not seen them:

As to my actual goals? My goals this year are to complete this original album that began when I first came to TWU, to record a new album of classical guitar, and to record an album with the very talented Kristin Fraley, in our collaborative duo called “Calm Embrace.” Outside of recording, my goals are to finish this degree (and close that enrmous ‘undergraduate’ chapter in my life) and become involved in a teaching studio. I phrase it that way because initially I was considering opening my own studio. However, it may be that I join someone else’s. More on that later, but I’m putting energy and effort in that direction.

I would like to thank you. You, specifically, for taking the time to read this. There’s another aspect about the arts that’s very difficult and capricious, and that’s reaching an individual with some emotional force from our efforts. Granted, we feel it, or we wouldn’t do it. But there’s no guarantee that someone else will. That you are reading this, that you listen to the music, that you take the time to be engaged to some degree in what I’m doing, I offer my deepest gratitude.

I look forward to this being a great year. Please drop a line and tell me how you are doin, or stop by the forum to say hello. Tell me and the good folks there what’s going on in your own life. I’d love to hear from you.

May 2012 be a good year for all of us.

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