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Happy Halloween from Motivique Studio!

Happy Halloween everyone! Time for Guitar and Bass lessons? Email us: This was a really fun video to make, because I don’t usually have a call to play these songs. There’s a lot of stuff that didn’t go on … Continue reading

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Congratulations to student Olan Mijana and MonocultureBand!

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Restructured with some new direction! Test

Greetings everyone! We’re heading in to 2019 and it was time to change my direction a bit. I’m still on Patreon, but I’m going to use that to benefit my recording projects. My recording projects are based on licensing well … Continue reading

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Surprise, we still exist. :)

I have definitely not disappeared, but being a new home-owner has kept us busy – it is finally settling down to where we can enjoy it, but the first couple months was quite a change. Something I’ve never really addressed … Continue reading

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Lakewood Guitar Studio to become Motivique Studio

Changes are definitely coming. Lakewood Guitar Studio will become Motivique Studio. It may not be as pastoral a name, but it’s on the other hand, it’s French! We are already stretching it to think of Mockingbird and 75 as Lakewood. … Continue reading

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