Happy Halloween from Motivique Studio!

Happy Halloween everyone! Time for Guitar and Bass lessons? Email us: MotiviqueStudio@Gmail.com.

This was a really fun video to make, because I don’t usually have a call to play these songs. There’s a lot of stuff that didn’t go on this one I’ll have to save for next time – I try to keep these videos to 10 clips. Michael Myer’s theme gets amped up with some metal distortion, Harry Potter is a classical duet, Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Wizards and Warriors were two of my favorite games as a kid. That Wizards and Warrios music is actually old silent film music – The Villains Theme, that has been used and reused countless times.

Of course you can’t escape The Addams and the Munsters – that bassline on the Munsters is amazing. It’s surf rock, but I never realized how much I liked it until I played it, because the original audio has the bass so low in the mix. Audrey’s Theme is one of the most memorable things about Twin Peaks. The first time I heard People Are Strange was on The Lost Boys, which was the first “horror” film I liked (Viva La Frog Brothers!). And, of course, you just have to have The Ghostbusters. :) Cheers everyone!

#Halloween songs in video:
01 Halloween Theme; Michael Myers Theme; John Carpenter
02 #HarryPotter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; #JohnWilliams
03 #GhostsnGoblins; Level Start; Hal and Wood (Harumi Fujita and Ayoko Mori)
04 Ghosts ‘n Goblins; Stage 01 Theme; Hal and Wood (Harumi Fujita and Ayoko Mori)
05 The Villain’s Theme (Mysterioso Pizzicato); Anonymous; Wizards and Warriors
06 The Addams Family Theme; Vic Mizzy
07 This is Halloween; The Nightmare Before Christmas; Danny Elfman
08 #TwinPeaks; Audrey’s Dance; Angelo Badalamenti
09 The Munsters Theme; Jack Marshall
10 People are Strange; Lost Boys; The Doors
11 #Ghostbusters Theme; Ray Parker Jr.

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Congratulations to student Olan Mijana and MonocultureBand!

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Restructured with some new direction! Test

Greetings everyone! We’re heading in to 2019 and it was time to change my direction a bit.

I’m still on Patreon, but I’m going to use that to benefit my recording projects.

My recording projects are based on licensing well known songs – either songs that are already guitar centric or chart top songs and turnng them into guitar centric versions and then offering them for MP3 purchase on this site.  The first 4 songs I’m recording for sale are:

Ariana Grand: Thank U Next
The National: The Rains of Castamere (Game of Thrones)
Cat Stevens: The Wind
The Beatles: Blackbird

Again, please bear in mind that I’m turning these into guitar centric versions – think of when Chet Atkins used to turn movie themes and pop songs into instrumental guitar pieces and you’re on the right track.

One other new approach is more directly integrating my social media accounts – primarily Youtube, Twitter, Instragram, and Tumblr, along with this website. I’ll be using Instragram to create a timeline of lessons and information for students to have access to to get refreshers on details from class. I’ll record these on Instragram but post them as a running timeline on this website.

To find my various Social Media:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOY9Jfk1wAVGNHu_5-aTJPQ?view_as=subscriber
Twitter: @Motivique
Instagram: Motivique
Tumblr: Motivique

And that’s what’s changed here. I hope everyone is having a good end to 2018 – may 2019 be the year you want it to be!

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Surprise, we still exist. :)

I have definitely not disappeared, but being a new home-owner has kept us busy – it is finally settling down to where we can enjoy it, but the first couple months was quite a change.

Something I’ve never really addressed is an RSS feed url – if you would like to add this website to your feed or feed organizer, please add: michaeltillman.com/feed/

Also, of late I have been working on a Patreon page. Granted, the initial impetus is guitar lessons. However, it also affords a couple other things – via Patreon, you will receive recordings from me on a regular basis. If you are here, there must be something yo like about my music, so that doesn‘t seem too presumptuous. In addition, a group goal of the Patreon is to afford donating instruments to area youth organizations, and if we develop enough support, eventually founding a college scholarship for music education. This is in the future, of course, but it doesn’t take that much too accomplish, if people participate.

The Patreon already exists, but it will be launched more publicly on July 1. Please message me if you would like more details. If you are interested in supporting my efforts to bring music, instruments, and music education to others, please read here:

The page is up, but I haven’t been public about a launch as of yet.

Love to all of you today!

Michael and the studio at Motivique.

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Lakewood Guitar Studio to become Motivique Studio

Changes are definitely coming. Lakewood Guitar Studio will become Motivique Studio. It may not be as pastoral a name, but it’s on the other hand, it’s French! We are already stretching it to think of Mockingbird and 75 as Lakewood.
So why Motovique? The primary word here is “motive”, which is a musical term some of you know. You may also know it as “motif” from French. Motivique in French means “related to a motif.” Unsurprisingly, Motive and Motif Studios both exist.
A motif, in music, is the smallest musical idea that can be considered complete. You may have picked up on this from the way I teach, but I try to get you as the musician to be aware of as many possible “motivic” ideas as possible, so that you can incorporate them in your own playing, or will have a logical way to break down music when you are learning repertoire by others.
Other changes: I’ve wanted to remove “guitar” from the business name for a while. I have begun teaching voice, and the students have responded positively. Of course, I also teach bass in addition to guitar, and I have begun helping people learn to self-accompany on piano (though I don’t consider myself a piano instructor – this is specifically for voice students.)
Also, the big change: As the year progress, I will begin offering recording services. I have already done this for some students, but I ultimately want to offer this to the general public. We will install a soundbooth, and also fit out the studio room (because we will actually have a studio room now) for a larger room sound.
So, a name change is beneficial. I am proud to be moving towards offering other services, and to have had such a supportive and engaged studio of students these past 5 (Five!) years.
Love to all of you today.
– Michael Tillman

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